Prison Fellowship Scotland” is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (a “SCIO”).

Charitable purposes and activities

The charity is non-denominational and is established to support prisoners and their families, and to benefit society in general, by promoting the Christian religion and Christian values.

As a Charity we seek to

  • Organise prayer groups

  • Teach Christian beliefs through Bible studies and discussion groups in prisons

  • Build up the Body of Christ within prisons

  • Link prisoners and/or their families in need with caring Christians

  • Help ex-prisoners find accommodation, employment and Christian fellowship upon release

  • Provide Christian books, films and speakers in prisons directly or via prison Chaplains

  • Provide a liaison between the public and other Christian organisations with an interest in helping prisoners;

  • Act as a resource for prison Chaplains via the volunteer network

  • Recruit and train volunteers to work alongside Chaplains

  • Promote and deliver victim awareness and restorative justice course

  • Engage with government to promote Biblical standards of justice.

Prison Fellowship Scotland

Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation - Charity No. SC002222

Connect House

42 Hollowglen Road


G32 0DP

Tel - 0141 266 0136

Email - office@pfscotland.org